Long Full Skirts & How To Wear Them

    eley kishimoto 2008 fall

    Call me old fashioned, but I just adore knee length FULL SKIRTS. They make you feel like a woman and can be very seducing. However, one must be careful with retro garments like the full skirt and avoid looking like a recluse granny. (This doesn't mean you cannot raid her closet)

    I am not blessed with curves and find full skirts make me look feminine and curvy, but also slim. Full skirts will instantly hide your bulges. The flare on the hemline balances out your frame. Not to mention, a full skirt will accent your waistline which makes it look slimmer.  Yay! I need that after all this hybernating and winter feasting. 

    Louis Vuitton Fall 2010

    So how do you wear a full skirt without looking  like a frumpy mummy?

    Quality is very crucial. Wearing a fashionable full skirt means buying fine fabrics, preferably soft with a simple pattern. You can't beat a vintage skirt. They just don't make em like they used to.

    Louis Vuitton re-vamped the full circle skirts of the 50's era. But who can afford those beauties? A quick search on etsy will provide some mouthwatering selections to choose from. 

      Louis Vuitton Fall 2010
    Just looking at Louis Vuitton's skirts above should inspire the most timid of hearts. The key to making this look fabulous are feminine tops, emphasizing the bust. Think bustier, princess necklines, plunging necklines, boat necks, scoop necks and exposed collar bones. Remember the golden rule of proportion: If you have width on the bottom, go slimmer on the top. 

    With this look, it's all about the bust, waist, and hem. Find a cut that sits high, over the hips. Vintage high waisted full skirts have sizing that don't match with modern ones so always try them on or compare the measurements to skirts in your closet.

    A handy old trick: Wrap the waist of the skirt around your neck. If you can put the waist part around your neck, it should fit your waist. It's odd, but really works.

    So what if you want a more casual look? Think light, minimal and monochromatic. The voluminous tops work because of their minimal color. They almost disappear.
     dirndl style full skirts Marni (top) and Prada (bottom) for spring/summer08 via

    When searching for a full skirt, try out different pleated styles and hemlines to see which fits your body type best. Pair it with stockings and play around with a variety of shoes.

    What about with a button down shirt?

    It can be done! The goal is to make it appear like a shirt dress. Monochromatic, fitted with a belt.

     left: Adam Lippes and Peter Som 2010 fall. Right: Salvatore Ferragamo

    left: Marc Jacobs 2010 fall. Right: Street Fashion

    Skirts are wearable any season. It just takes good layering. Pairing skirts with knits is one of my favorite ways of wearing maxi skirts. This look works best with flowy lightweight skirt.

    Peter Som / Richard Chai
    Paris Fashion Week / Georgina Skalidi
    Tracy Reece Fall 2011


    Animal print skirt / Black lace skirt / Winter scene skirt
    Terracotta lightweight skirt / Blue chiffon full circle skirt / Floral rayon skirt


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