Rainbow Hair

    rainbow hair

    You know how an image can be so powerful, it transforms you and suddenly you're racing in a whole new direction? Yes, well it happened... literally minutes ago. While drooling over topshop's pretty blog I came across Meadham + Kirchhoff's 2011 Spring Show and it was as if I was being hypnotized by those rainbow tresses.
    About a month ago I was tempted to purchase some manic panic and tip dye my hair, but instead I purchased "Gray Lady" toner. To my pleasant surprise, my hair was streaked blue-gray-white. But, in the back of my mind, images of teal and violet blue were beaconing.

    The great thing about manic panic dyes is that they wash out. Having dyed my hair every color under the sun back in the 90's, I've learned that manic panic will bleed from sweating or rain. But enough about that, let's see some rainbow hair!

    Gweneth Tang via jak&jil
    Gweneth Tang via hanneli mustaparta

    I'm loving everything about his from the doll eyes, colorful clothes, and red pouty lips.

    Meadham + Kirchhoff Spring 2011

    Meadham + Kirchhoff Spring 2011

    Meadham + Kirchhoff Spring 2011
    Another current obsession: PILGRIM COLLARS

    I came across this very helpful sight called Hair Color Ideas. She basically covers everything and has a section GORGEOUS RAINBOW do these people do it.  
    This is a combination of manic panic (hot hot pink, electric banana), special effects (napalm orange), pravana (blue, purple), and joico (green). And blonde, of course, by Joico. I used a star pattern at the crown for the color placement, each arm of the star a different color. I also colored the perimeter of my hairline in ROYGBIV order.

    Okay, so this look is very bold and looks stunning on these gorgeous models. Being hapa and platinum is strange enough, however rainbow hair is calling my name.

    dip dyed hair

    I feel like the dip dyed / ombre hair has been going for some time now, but it seems bigger than ever at the moment. Colored tips are all over the runways this Spring. Colors to try out are seafoam green, pale blue, candy pink, and lavender. The more stringy the color, the better.
    Via Tumblr
    Dip Dyed Faded Green
    Tip Dyed Turquoise Blue
    Tip Dyed Black
    Dip Dyed Emerald Green
    Tip Dyed Red
    Tip Dyed Buddies
    Pink Hair: Free Charlotte via
    Okay, time to go to bed and maybe wake up with a weekend of rainbow possibilities ahead. Good night.


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