Dip Dye Hair at Jeremy Scott A/W 2011

    The rainbow hair obsession continues....

    Jeremy Scott, I love you. All the playful color is just what I needed in my neck of the woods. I know it's kind of bonkers to go out looking this way, but I'll take it over REI thermals and gray, gray, gray any day. 

    MAKEUP: Val Garland for MAC Cosmetics
    HAIR: Eugene Souleiman for Wella 

    NAILS: Pattie Yankee for Dashing Diva 

    SNAPSHOT: Let's Go Clubbin'
    THE SCOOP: Jeremy Scott certainly knows how to bring fun and shocking elements into the fashion and beauty scene, and this season was no exception. Hair was decked out with ultra-long multicolor extensions that the Wella team hand-dyed last night, and wrapped the colored extensions around the hair for a very manga-like, Sailor Moon feel. Eugene Souleiman for Wella said his intention was "to create the hair to feel like a dream."

    Val Garland for MAC Cosmetics said that the look today is "club girls in the '90s -- kinky and slinky, part of the club scene, and a little bit taboo. The girl should look clubby and doll-like." For makeup she used a bunch of bright hues such as acid green and fluorescent orange on the lids, paired with a smattering of lashes on both the top and bottom, the top of which had some fuzz to them, and she described as "furry little monsters."

    Nails went glitter to the max, with Pattie Yankee mixing fine and chunky pieces to get the perfect look. She used different colors on the girls, ranging from blue, silver, orange, red or bubblegum pink, with the plan to clash, not match, with the hair and makeup.

    GET THE LOOK - MAKEUPAll makeup by MAC Cosmetics. Use Face and Body Foundation, followed byone of these Paint Stick combos: True Chartreuse Paint Stick as base, followed by Sunny Spot and Landscape Green Pond as the contour; Primary Yellow Paint Stick as base, followed by Canary Yellow and orange as contour; orange Paint Stick as base, followed by orange, and cherry as contour. For eyelashes, apply individuals: No. 35 on the top, and No. 7 on the bottom lashes. Next, use the Hi Def Cyan Pencil under the eye, in order to make a a strong bright-blue line. Finish the look but applying the Cool Pink Paint Stick to the lips.

    GET THE LOOK - HAIR: All products by Wella. Use Stay Essential Finish, Shape Control Wet Styling Mousse to prep hair, create two high ponytails and either a zigzag or traditional part in the back, and wrap extension around the hair as you ponytail it. Use Thermal Protector as a straightening component on the ponytails once completed.

    GET THE LOOK - NAILS: Pick one of the shades of glitter you'd like to use (Yankee used Young Nails-brand glitter), put brush on glue on the finger, and dump glitter, both fine and large chunks of the same color into a shot glass and stir with a toothpick. Dip nail into the glass and then flick nails over a garbage bin to prevent glitter from going everywhere. Use a topcoat to set. To remove, she recommends the Kiss All or One Remover -- just be sure to use something that's pure acetone.

    [photos via That's So Yesterday and Hello Outlaw]


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